Eyelash extensions service in Bankstown, Sydney

At Minlashes, certified in all levels of Lash and Brow Artistry, we are the specialist in top trendy lash style like Wispy or Anime

We customise the lash styling for each individual client so they can have their confidence boosted 

Minlashes Sydney was well established in a home-based studio in early 2020, with a desire that turned into a mission, to ensure our clients have the best lash set while also receiving a friendly and relaxed experience 

Today, Minlashes has moved to a commercial salon space.  Business has grown up which now includes a team of 5  professional artists and a training academy for anyone that wants to learn and explore the lash artistry

Our salon is hygiene in all corners and has an aesthetic vibe with chill music on all time to help you relax during the procedure 

Book an appointment, come to our salon to have a beauty glow up and a nice get away from your life stress 💫



Popular eyelash styles : 

- Classic Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Wispy Signature

- Glam Volume

- Glam Wispy Signature

- Mega Wispy Signature

- Wet look

- Anime Natural Classic base

- Combo Brow Lamination, Wax and Tint

- Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

- Anime Volume base

- Wet Look Eyelash Extensions

- Mega Volume

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